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Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 24th, beginning at 11:30am with a luncheon to be provided in the friendship cafe. We are calling upon representatives from every board, committee, and ministry group to participate. The purpose of the gathering is to provide some information sharing; giving clarity and dates and updates on what each board, committee, and ministry group does here within the Mount Olive Lutheran community.

In preparation for this meeting it would be helpful for the main representative from each ministry group provide some of the following information preferably in writing or available in "Word Doc" format.

When do you meet, frequency of meeting (monthly, weekly, bi-monthly), months of the year you meet, primary purpose of your ministry group, highlights or main projects/ programs/ service projects/ in the past or future ministry opportunities. Depending upon how many ministry groups are represented we ask that you keep your sharing to 5 minutes. 

We are hopeful, that this gathering will be helpful in providing clarity about ministry groups and it will also help determine if there is overlap in ministries. 

Representation from each group IS NOT LIMITED, however, if possible, please provide an estimate (to the office) on the number of people who will be represented so we can plan the luncheon accordingly. With lunch conversations, we could be meeting up to 2 hours. 


For more information:
Please contact Jenifer Clark by phone at 928-662-8764 or at her email at


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