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Pastor Jim Price

“Easter People”

Christ Is Risen, He has risen indeed, Halleluiah!

Throughout our 40 Day Lenten journey we as Christians have been following our Lord through the scriptures as He made His way to Jerusalem and to the Cross. We have been asked to give up some of our old sinful ways during Lent in order that we might come back into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thus, we devoted more time with our Lord in prayer and in reading God’s Word. Some have fasted, some have given, some have served others during this Lenten season, as well as, other disciplines. All these we have done with the goal of coming closer to Christ in our faith and our obedience to Him as a child of God.

On Easter morning we will celebrate our Lord’s resurrection from the dead…and we celebrate how God proved to us and to the world that sin and death have no power over God. By Jesus’ death on Good Friday He took our sins and the sins of the whole world to the grave with Him. By His resurrection He proved to us that our sins are gone along with the consequences of our sin, eternal death. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, God has given us the greatest gift ever given, the gift of eternal life with Christ in heaven in the presence of God, and with all the host of heaven.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the Cross have been raised with Christ to a new way of life. We are Easter People. Through the Cross, Christ has given us a new identity, as Christians. We have been given a new mission—to follow and serve our Risen Lord and a new purpose—to share Christ with the world. We have been empowered to do so through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Through Lent we have learned to throw off the old ways and to draw closer to Christ. Now that Easter has come, let us continue to practice the skills we learned during our Lenten journey and let’s live for Jesus with all our hearts as Easter People. Let’s live with joy the new life Christ won for us. Let us show others His love through our joy as Easter People. Let us share the message of Easter: “Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed,” and He lives in us. Amen! Blessings, Pastor Jim Price

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