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A Message from Our Pastor Craig M. Corbin:

As I reflect back upon the past couple of months, I am very grateful to everyone who stepped out in faith and said yes to helping make this Lenten season and Holy Week a meaningful experience for so many. I have heard overwhelming words of thanks and gratitude for all the Lenten services and Holy Week participation. Several folks have commented that this was one of the more meaningful Lent and Holy week observances in recent memory.

From the beginning of Lent with the generous response
to all who helped with the soup lunches and suppers, thank you!!. The Lenten dialogues were presented well and received well. Thank you to all who played an important role in those services! The Maundy Thursday program, “Lord, Is It I?” also spoke an inspiring message to many and provided a glimpse
into the lives of each of the disciples.

Thank you for all the behind the scenes work by the Schneiders with costume design, preparation, planning and to all the men who stepped up to grow beards and take on the role of one of the disciples. It didn’t take long for most, if not all of them to shed the beards once the role was done. “Who are you???”

Youth from the confirmation class also did a wonderful job with the Good Friday service. The life and passion of Jesus was brought to life through their witness with the scriptures. Thank you for your witness and for serving so many during the Easter breakfast as well. We appreciate the participation from our Youth and all those who faithfully work with them!!! Thanks and appreciation also needs to go out to everyone who provided the meaningful music, whether it was through chancel choir, bells, bass clef, praise band, organ and piano accompaniment and preludes. I can’t say“ thank you” enough for the blessings of our music ministry here at Mount Olive. Thank you all for your joyful music to the Lord!! Let us take all of this inspiration and uplifting experiences from these past weeks and allow it to strengthen our walk with Jesus. We have journeyed with Christ to the cross, we rejoice in His resurrection, and we live with the assurance of His unconditional love and God’s eternal gift of life everlasting. “God’s word, His message, was enfleshed in the person of Jesus Christ. Let us always keep Jesus, His life, His teachings, His death and His resurrection in the forefront of our minds.”
We are blessed for the Journey!! “Yes, with the help of God!”

Pastor Craig
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