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Our weekly service (Edited for broadcasting on KNLB radio)
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Pastor Jim Price

Pastor Jim’s Message...

Greetings dear friends in Christ,

The new movie, “Son of God,” has recently been released and many of you have already seen it and recommended I see it as well. Last week Cathy and I, along with some friends, went. As I watched the movie I saw once again how Jesus, the Son of God, was full of compassion and love for everyone, and yet, despite all the miraculous things He did and the amazing words He said, the religious leaders of Israel and Roman government saw Him as someone who had to be arrested, beaten, who made Him carry His Cross to the place where He was crucified and put to death. As part of the audience watching the movie, I was caught up once again in how these men killed the “Very” Son of God.

It wasn’t until days later after my emotions had calmed down and was back on my Lenten journey that I realized “who killed Jesus.” I did. My sins nailed Jesus to the Cross and killed Him. I am as much to blame for Jesus’ death as those depicted in the movie…despite my having forgotten it.

I see our society dwelling on the results of sin, and what sin does to people here at home and around the world. But little thought is placed on the fact that “we are all part of a fallen humanity, in bondage to sin and cannot free ourselves.” (1 John 1:8)

Brothers and Sisters, as we near the completion of our journey following Jesus through the gospels this Lenten Season, and as we see the passion of our Lord during Holy Week, I invite you to realize with me that it is because of our sins that Jesus suffered and died. Unless we realize the power of sin in our lives...we can’t recognize our desperate need for a Savior

We don’t need another workshop, another book to read, or more information to free us. Our bondage to sin is very real. The wages of sin are death and eternal separation from God. Our situation is so serious, and the bondage so strong that we can’t free ourselves from it. We needed a Savior… and so God sent us His one and only Son. As we come to the end of Lenten journey and Holy Week, we recognize our need for Christ to come and save us. Then let’s see once again God’s incredible response to us and stand in awe of His amazing love on Easter Morning. God bless you!

See you in Church, Pastor Jim Price

Pastor Matt March

Pastor Matt’s Message…
Easter Blessings

Luke 24:5 5The women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.

So we know the end of the story. When we get to April 19/20 we will shout Christ is Risen/He is Risen indeed. We will celebrate our Lord’s victory over death. We will emerge better disciples from our spiritual practices through Lent. We will have a new perspective on our new life in Christ.

Or will we? On that first Easter morning, the women who went to the tomb to finish the burial rites were surprised by strangers. They did not find the dead body of their Rabbi. The men they met asked them the rhetorical question, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

Why wouldn’t they look for Jesus in the last place they saw him. He was dead after all and they witnessed his execution. Of course they would look for his body in the grave.

But he wasn’t there, he had risen. The grave couldn’t hold him. He rebuilt the temple of his body in three days, just as he said. But at that moment the women didn’t remember or couldn’t understand.

As an Easter people, we know the story that Jesus is not dead. We know that he is risen, we shout it every year. But we still look for the living among the dead.

When we forget that we’re forgiven and let our past mistakes haunt us—we are looking for the living among the dead. When we miss the chance to forgive others—we are looking for the living among the dead. When we fail to love our neighbor as ourselves—we are looking for the living among the dead. When we ignore the gifts that God has given us—we are looking for the living among the dead.

Easter is the promise of Christ for all of us. In Christ we are all a new creation. Easter reminds us that we are among the living because of Jesus Christ. We are forgiven, forgiving our neighbors, loving our neighbors, and celebrating the gifts God has given us.

This Easter, when you shout Christ is Risen/He is risen indeed remember that in Christ YOU are Risen/YOU are risen indeed.

Out and about among the living, Pastor Matt

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